Plastic Assemblies

The sky’s the limit for the demands put on our materials. They have a varied use - indoors and outdoors, in household, trade or vehicles. The delivery of different demanding products and applications always requires that the selected material and processing technology must be able to meet the high quality demands put on the product.


Ice cream chest. Large volume, ultrasonic-welded components. Insulating sliding glass cover with insulating and heat conducting coatings as well as integrated contact heating. Ice cream chest. Outer and inner frame manufactured in a variable length
5-cavity injection mould made of gravimetric self-coloured ASA.
Arched sliding cover for an ice cream chest. Manufactured in a variable length stack injection mould with subsequent ultrasonic welding and assembly of seals with special sliding features.

Twin glass pane door for laundry dryer.
Complex multipart assembly produced with 2-component injection moulding, ultrasonic welding, painting, plasma treatment, gluing technology, fully-automated glass cleaning, bonding technology, assembly and 100% process and product control.
Seating assemblies for trams, underground railways and buses are subjected to a great deal of stress. The processing of appropriate FR plastics meets the high safety standards, complies with the fire protection classes and fulfils the desired certification requirements. The fabric seat surfaces in the trams are manufactured with back injection technology, the handles with internal gas injection moulding.