Founded by Max Meier senior as a workshop for bicycle repairs and trade in bicycle spare parts.


Resumption of operations after World War II with the manufacture and sale of bicycle accessories.

1955 - 1960

Beginning and construction of a production of camping and garden furniture made of tubular steel.


Continuation of the company by the sons Max and
Karl-Heinz Meier. Continuous expansion of the Lichtenau/Baden site and garden furniture production.

1960 - 1980

Expansion of camping and garden furniture ranges made of tubular steel.


Development of the Mecalit tabletop for the "Sieger" table range. The melamine-coated and plastic-encapsulated chipboards are absolutly weatherproof and are still used sucessfully as tabletops for camping and garden tables.


Due to the increasing demand for plastic garden furniture, the company was successfully restructured into a plastics processor.


Foundation of the company Mecalit GmbH and beginning of the use of the new and patented plastic encapsulation technology in the home appliance industry.
Headquarters of the Sieger-Mecalit Group in Lichtenau/Baden.
Production of a wide range of "Sieger" outdoor furniture as well as complex components for the home appliance industry and medical technology.

The group of companies is now managed in the third generation by Michael Meier and Matthias Meier.


Foundation of the subsidiary Mecalit Polska Sp. Z oo in Łódź / Poland. Production of complex components for the home appliance industry.


Foundation of the subsidiary Mecalit Bulgaria EOOD in Kuklen-Plovdiv/Bulgaria. Manufacture of components for the home appliance, automotive and electronics industries.


In 2019 the Mecalit Bulgaria plant in Kuklen / Plovdiv was expanded from 5,500 m² to 8,800 m². The expansion includes both storage and production areas as well as an additional administrative building.